• isotopic Mass-to-charge ratio & Envelope Fingerprinting (iMEF)

  • Intrinsic Capabilities of Resolving Overlapping Isotopic Envelopes & Unambiguously Separating Ideal Isotopic Envelopes from Non-ideal Ones

  • Delivers Accuracy, Reproducibility & Comprehensiveness You Want

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Welcome to ProteinGoggle, an intact protein database search engine using our novel search algorithm, isotopic mass-to-charge ratio & envelope fingerprinting (iMEF)! iMEF intrinsically interpret tandem mass spectral data in situ (without deconvolution or deisotoping) with two unique strength. One is to accurately and efficiently resolve overlapping isotopic envelopes; and the other is to unambiguously separate matching product ions with ideal isotopic envelopes from non-matching product ions with non-ideal isotopic envelopes. These two strength together with strict quality (tolerance) control of m/z and relative abundance down to every isotopic peak in every isotopic envelope (both precursor & product ions), ProteinGoggle delivers confident identification of proteoforms (amino acid sequence plus post-translational modifications) .

With about three years’ development and lots of people’s input and contribution, ProteinGoggle now is ready for full-capacity top-down qualitative intact protein identification from collision-, electron- or photon-based tandem mass spectra of individual proteins using direct infusion or proteome mixture using liquid chromatography separation.

So, Please give it try by checking the exemplary data provided here or searching your own top-down data!

Our goal is “to interpret every tandem mass spectrum accurately and efficiently and deliver the search results to you in the way you want”! Should you have any comments, suggestions, or specific needs, please feel free to contact us!

Zhixin Tian, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Tongji University

April 17, 2015