• isotopic Mass-to-charge ratio & Envelope Fingerprinting (iMEF)

  • Intrinsic Capabilities of Resolving Overlapping Isotopic Envelopes & Unambiguously Separating Ideal Isotopic Envelopes from Non-ideal Ones

  • Delivers Accuracy, Reproducibility & Comprehensiveness You Want

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The Team

The "Biological Analysis and Mass Spectrometry" team at Department of Chemistry & Institute of Advanced Study, Tongji University leads the research & development of iMEF and ProteinGoggle. The current team members are as following:

Principle Investigator:
Prof. Zhixin Tian

Graduate Students:
Kaijie Xiao, Yun Shen, Yue Wang, Fan Yu

Undergraduate Students:
Zheyuan Chang, Xinyun Lu, Ziheng Zhen, Yifei Jia